andEs Corner: is facebook ruining our collective potential?

As many of u may know I am not a big fan of facebook. My hatred started out of pure jealousy (it kind of reached critical mass just as we were polishing off our own social network but has since gained a much more healthy background.

One word I think sums it up best: NOISE.

I know I can tune facebook to filter out specific noise but if I got rid of the photos and status updates there wouldn’t be much left (apart from the stupid applications).

But if I look at the various groups of facebook “friends” I have, I see a healthy split between family (I think most of my family under 70 seems to be present), friends from Europe, Canada and Indonesia, and colleagues also across the world. But what can we actually do together???

I would like to be able to discuss things with groups of people, help each other → i.e. useful stuff. I assume there is some application I can install to get this functionality but this should be “out of the box”. Otherwise I feel this massive potential is being missed and we are all simply wasting our precious time. I for sure have reached the point again where I have facebook fatigue.

I have now tried twice to get to like facebook but now I will be setting my status finally to “andE is retiring from facebook… Out of office… It is just way to noisy in here for an old man like me… Send me your info via old fashioned email…”

Also, a slight aside, this weird connotation that facebook has the perfect basis for advertisers as facebook apparently knows so much about me is rubbish. They may have a couple of photos and see occasionally that I am pissed off with one of my PCs but I hardly consider this a USP for advertisers… For one they still think I am 101 years old…


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