andEs Corner: The Facebook Sponge kills the Couch Potato

Is the couch potato about to enter the history books and be confined to distant memory?

Well, I believe that already the Facebook Sponge is, in many families, washing away the stains of the Couch Potato from the family sofa. Less and less time seems to be being spent, as in the words of Trainspotting, “… sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth.”
The Facebook Sponge is the next step in the evolutionary ladder and while it may be found on the sofa it can also survive in the kitchen, at the dining room table and with the mobile version practically anywhere, even, unfortunately, sat on the toilet.

Like the sponge you find in the bath the Facebook Sponge usually just soaks up the status changes, photos and latest games played by its fellow Sponges. And every so often a reaction or snippet from its own life is squeezed out of it to share with other Sponges.
Facebook Sponges are not only more flexible than Couch Potatoes in their habitat but also in the various things that they can do: not only comment on a fellow Sponge’s status but they can also relieve their own  frustration by letting other Sponges know how shit their day was and also play the latest “which garden insect are you most like” type game.

I think, when I compare the two beasts, the Facebook Sponge is slightly more like-able than the Couch Potato. At least they are communicating with fellow Sponges (they hopefully know) and not just grunting/giggling in other paralysed status whiling away the evening until bedtime. But the Facebook Sponges are also a lonely type no longer confined to the sofa I am already seeing Sponges communicating whilst in the same house via FB chat.

But with the popularity of facebook mobile amongst the Sponges will this see soon the next generation iPhone labelled as “iPhone FB” with cup holders and pull-out trays for TV Facebook Dinners?

final nail in the coffin of the Couch Potato

final nail in the coffin of the Couch Potato

A Facebook Sponge Family home will be quiet except for the frantic clicking of keyboards.
So are you a Sponge or a Potato?


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