andEs Corner: How many times do we have to pay?

To abuse a famous Winston Churchill quote from World War II:

Never have the mistakes of so few been paid for by so many, so many times.

The financial crash seems to now be reaching new levels – it is not over. Not even really started.

But the one thing that is now starting to make me boil and rant is that people like me, a man in the street are paying for it in so many ways.

Here are a couple of examples:

1- worst case getting laid off to save costs

2- absolutely no chance of pay rise in the last 12 months or next 12 months – more likely a pay drop but more work to deal with unfortunate colleagues caught by 1.

3- no chance to change to a better job as hiring is vanished (I am btw not really looking, but still I am still “lucky”)

4- cost saving plans across the board by employers on things like business class flights (even for overnight long haul flights! which I personally think Amnesty should get busy on)

5- depressed atmosphere almost everywhere I go (unless the people are drunk!)

6- reduced service everywhere as companies save costs

7- reduced quality of products ditto

So we are losing out in our jobs and also in the goods & services we buy. i.e. we are not only getting less money but getting less for our money.

But as we are all involved in this cost cutting the company’s margins are not cut as badly.

Which means that the bankers on wall street who caused all of this continue to get MASSIVE bonuses.

I no longer think Al Qaida is our biggest enemy. This is a smokescreen. We are.

I wonder how far we can be pushed.

Now should I send a facebook event invite out to join World War III?

Would you accept?


One thought on “andEs Corner: How many times do we have to pay?

  1. andE whilst your comments seem valid to you and your generation, my age group would think quite differently, I am a generation higher, taking a generation of being 20 years,

    The recession has not touched me personally yet as I approach retirement age.
    Were I laid off now it would only affect the money I save.
    Most in the last 10 years of their working life should be saving more of their salary than they spend.

    The biggest part of the generation below you, in their twenties, probably could not care less.
    Few have families or mortgages and still live with mum and dad.

    So I think this recession is generational.

    Maybe the world governments think its time to flex their muscles at the forty something’s.

    Remember the old saying, “Always someone worse off than you”

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