andEs Corner: Facebook is fatally flawed

The more I keep thinking about Mark’s crazy outburst in January (see: ) the more I think he is totally wrong. And if this man is driving the fb strategy then once a true contender comes along people will flock away.
The point is that Mark seems to think that the following is fine for most people:
– a smelly ugly totally horrible man (only did this to remove any possible sexual thoughts – not insisting that all fb app developers /advertisers are like this) comes to your front door and says: show me all of your fotos, names of closest friends and tell me each day what you did and what your deepest most intimate thoughts are. In addition to this give me a call and let me know which events you are planning to attend where and with whom. Ah, and I wouldn’t mind finding out which kind of things you are passionate about or which hobbies you have. In return for this I will provide you with a crappy game / dodgy horriscope or vaguely entertaining poll. And then let me know 20 of your friends who I could also con.

Hmm, would you fall for this?

The problem is that this is what happens when you install any application on facebook. And probably what each advertiser can see.
So, is facebook intentionally evil. No, but they obviously need to make money.

I would personally prefer an advert free / private version that I pay €5 / month for.

Yes, unfortunately I do think facebook is worth paying for if they can guarantee my privacy. It would then be nice to get 24×7 support line for when things go very wrong(like with friends and my wife’s accounts which were totally offline for 48hrs). And it would be nice to get a better foto uploader (more like picasa’s / less like something from 1999).

If these things could be guaranteed then I would use fb much more openly, much more often and it would become much more useful.
At the moment I don’t see this happening. And at the moment I see people getting around this by faking data, not uploading fotos of their kids, not really saying what is important to them… Which kind of defeats the point. For everyone. Including advertisers who can no longer be sure that this “important social data” is actually anywhere near the truth.

Which means there is a hole in the market. FB is in the optimal position to fill this. But will Mark get passed those $ signs blinding his vision?

Facebook has some great features: knowing what your friends are doing, seeing this and also one real plus point is that their messaging system is NOT email. Which means when you get a message there then it really is from a friend. Not spam, not a regular newsletter email, not work, but from the people that matter. All of this is totally pointless if I cannot trust facebook with my information.

Don’t say I didn’t warn u Mark.


One thought on “andEs Corner: Facebook is fatally flawed

  1. nice post…yeah recent days there are so many fake identities add by someone or something as their friend to advert…

    here, in Indonesia sooooo many profile that is using fake name created by teenager around (13-15) which are very-very disturbing, using name with asterisk combination or combination of capital and lower case letter (such as “r1dh0cut3” or “L0v3lY gIrl” ) which are very hard to read. 😦

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